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Expert Care From An Extraordinary Team


At Westside Medical Centers, we focus on rehabilitation of the spine and body. We specialize in providing the best combination of medical pain treatment and natural therapies to give our patients a unique and incredibly gentle pain-relieving experience.

Our team of medical professionals works together to deliver the highest quality and most cutting edge in physical rehabilitation. In utilizing physical rehabilitation with your spine and body, our team can not only relieve your pain but also improve the function of your spine and help you stay healthy for longer periods of time.

After an initial evaluation, our team of healthcare professionals will custom design a combination of medical pain relief, using natural and botanical agents that lower pain and inflammation in the body. Using chiropractic and massage therapy to further speed up the recovery period, we can get you out of pain faster and move you into active spinal rehabilitation.

We focus on relieving the chronically inflamed and painful areas and rehabilitating weakened muscles of the spine to strengthen them and aid in their stability.

This concentration on the reconditioning of your spine and your mobility will help alleviate your pain and help you recover from fatigue. We always include a session on home exercise and home therapies to aid in your recovery time. These unique exercises pay special attention to increasing the strength of your spine and enhancing your activity and flexibility.

What Sets Us Apart

We also know what’s important isn’t just the services that we offer or the conditions that we treat, but rather how we provide those services and treat those conditions. The entire team at Westside Medical Centers is committed to processing the knowledge, expertise, and caring attitude, satisfying your individual needs.

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