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Success Stories

After not having worked out for over 25 years, I decided, at the age of 60, to join a gym and enlist the help of a personal trainer. Although in hindsight this was a good idea, within a month I was in constant pain in my neck and shoulder. Because of certain exercises, I had a difficult time moving my head from side to side, not to mention problems with my right knee and sciatic nerve. Fast forward a few months and I’m pleased to say I’m pain free and my mobility is nearly 100%. None of this would have been possible without the wonderful team at Spinal Centers of Texas.

Jack H.

It not only makes me feel better when it comes to my back and neck but the way I carry myself. It helps with my digestion also. When I get adjusted I can sleep better.


I’ve been coming to see Dr. Savard for 10 years. It’s helped with pain, posture, sleeping better and also helped to get rid of beginnings of Arthritis pain.


My daughter suffered from headaches as a result of her back misalignment. After a few adjustments and continuing monthly adjustments she is pain free and back to her active ways. Thanks Dr. Savard!

LY and KY

The services have made it possible for me to continue working as an RN in a demanding stressful setting– all thanks to Dr. Savard and his staff.


Years ago at the age of 27, I fell down a flight of stairs landing on each stair going down. When I reached the bottom I blacked out. Later in the emergency room of the hospital and after much pain and numerous x-rays, I was told I fractured my tailbone in such a way that I almost paralyzed myself from the waist down. I had also compressed all my vertebra all the way down my spine causing mid back pain and severe headaches. I was told I would be in a wheel chair by the time I was 50 because of the damage. I will be 64 in a month and I am upright and walking strong and proud with no problems because of the continuous and vigilant care from Dr. Savard.


I first sought chiropractic care in 2000. As a person with a nuerological/muscular condition, I had extensive spinal issues. Over the last 9 years, chiropractic care has helped to manage my pain levels and increase my range of movement and flexibility. Dr. Savard and his team always strive to provide the best chiropractic care and always put the individual needs of their patients first!

I have worked with Dr. Savard to maintain my spinal health for 10 years. Chiropractic care has helped take away my lower back pain.


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